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A lil about me

In 2020 I graduated with a 1st class honours degree in Interaction Design. I also completed a HND at Edinburgh College graduating with an A in 2017 from Visual Communication: Interactive Design.

Here are four things you should know about me:

- I'm very good at what I do
- I enjoy building wonky things out of wood (like the desk on the home page)
- I coded this site from scratch
- My current pencil of choice is a 6B

“The best designer in the world”

— My Mum

At the moment...


hedgehog lab

2020 - Present

I'm currently happily employed at hedgehog lab, a digital product agency in the heart of Newcastle. So far I’ve worked with clients across the UK and Europe. Deliverables have included apps, visual design, and native web platforms.



2016 - Present

I mainly work on branding and web projects for small businesses and sole traders. Most recently I've been working with businesses that started during lockdown.

Heads Up

Because of demand (and to avoid burnout), I only take on a limited number of freelance projects per year. This means I might recommend a trusted friend to take on your project instead of me.

Previous Experience


Kin + Carta Project


I was 1 of 8 IXD students chosen to work on a sustainability project set by Kin + Carta Create. With two animation students we prototyped a new delivery service for Tesco.

Read about the project on their blog here



2019 - 2020

I worked on a semester-long international project that launched in Switzerland. As part of an interdisciplinary team, we developed a platform to promote living and working in the Aargau region.


Facebook Design Jam


In October 2019 I was invited to Facebook in London for a design jam. My team won in the 'data privacy and understanding the user' category.


Nettl of Stirling


Summer 2019, I was a junior web designer at Nettl of Stirling. I primarily worked on Wordpress sites for businesses across Stirling.


hedgehog lab


For three weeks I took part in a workplace placement at Newcastle's hedgehog lab. In a team with two classmates we designed and prototyped a platform for the ageing population.


I was nominated for 'Class Rep of the Year' for the 19/2020 academic year. I co-launched a 'virtual studio' on LinkedIn for design students who were missing studio culture during lockdown (50+ members across Europe and the US)

Get In Touch

Get in touch about anything - whether you want to collab on a freelance project, or if you can give me a vaild reason why Callie and Arizona broke up in Grey's Anatomy then please contact me via one of the methods below: